Board and Committees


Name or company name of the director Represen-tative Position on the Board First appointed Last appointment Shares owned
D. Mariano Pérez Claver   Presidente y Consejero Delegado 28/02/2011 29/06/2011 50.250
Grupo Inversor Hesperia, S.A. D. José Antonio Castro Sousa Vicepresidente 24/06/2010 29/06/2011 61.870.383
D. Iñaki Aratibel Olaziregi   Vocal 28/10/2008 16/06/2009 100
Bancaja Aurelio izquierdo Gómez Vocal 17/02/2002 24/06/2010 13.955.675
Dª Rosalba Casiraghi   Vocal 12/05/2009 16/06/2009 1
D. Roberto Cibeira Moreiras   Vocal 01/03/2010 24/06/2010 600
Hoteles Participados S.L. Ignacio Ezquiaga Domínguez Vocal 29/04/2004 24/06/2010 13.385.269
D. Francisco Javier Illa Ruiz   Vocal 27/10/2009 03/12/2009 1
Dª Nuria Iturriaga-goitia Ripoll   Vocal 16/06/2009 16/06/2009 1.353
D. Juan Llopart Pérez   Vocal 23/03/2010 24/06/2010 160
D. Miguel Rodríguez Domínguez   Vocal 29/04/2004 24/06/2010 3.000
D. Antonio Viana Baptosta   Vocal 16/06/2009 16/06/2009 0
Sociedad de Promoción y Particiapción Empresarial Caja de MAdrid, S.A. Angel Córdoba Diaz Vocal 17/06/2008 24/06/2010 13.560.496
Grupo Finaciero de Intermediación y Estudios, S.A.   Vocal 29/06/2011 29/06/2011 0
D. Carlos González Fernández   Vocal 29/06/2011 29/06/2011 50

Secretario No Consejero:
D. Jose Maria Mas Millet

Vicesecretario No Consejero:
D. Leopoldo González-Echenique Castellanos de Ubao


The Rules of the Board of Directors empower the Administrative body to constitute one or several Committees.

At the present time the Audit Committee and the Nominating and Compensation Committee have been constituted.

Audit and Control

The Audit and Control was established on 30 June 2000 and are designed to primarily serve to support the Board of Directors in its oversight and control functions, constituting the most important manifestation of them is to ensure the correct application of generally accepted accounting principles and to verify the adequacy and integrity of internal control systems followed in the preparation of individual and consolidated accounts.

The operating rules of the Audit and Control are available on the website of the Company, the relevant section of the Regulation Board. The current composition of the Audit and Control is:

D. Carlos Gonzalez FernandezMembers:

D. Iñaki Arratibel Olaziregi
D. Perez Juan Llopart
Hotel participates, SL (Ignacio Domínguez Ezquiaga)
D. Carlos Gonzalez Fernandez

D. Leopoldo González-Echenique Ubao Castellanos

Appointments and Remuneration

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee was constituted on June 30, 2000 and basic functions to inform proposals for the appointment of Councillors, members of the board committees and senior executives of the Company and its subsidiaries, to approve the contracts and salary bands for senior executives, lay down rules on directors' remuneration, reporting and incentive plans to develop and maintain a record of status of the Directors and Senior Managers.

The rules and operation of the Appointments and Remuneration Committee are available on the website of the Company, the relevant section of the Regulation Board.

The current composition of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee is as follows:

Ms. Nuria Iturriagagoitia Ripoll

D. Francisco Javier Ruiz Illa
SPPE (Angel Cordova)

D. José María Mas Millet

Commission delegated

The Executive Committee is currently inactive.